Department of Public Works (DPW)

Contact: Mark Birchenough

Phone: 315-681-3440


Volunteer Fire Department

Gary Ashline- Chief

Brian Ashline- 1st Asst. Chief

Paul Brown- 2nd Asst. Chief

Mark Marolf- 3rd Asst. Chief

Thomas Beyer- President

Charles Brown- Vice President

Cliff Lehman- Secretary

Calvin Marolf- Treasurer




Building & Codes
Contact: Ward Dailey
Address: Lewis County Court House
Lowville, NY 13367
Phone: 315-376-5377
Fax: 315-376-4926
Water and Sewer Billing
Contact:  Donna Loucks, Village Clerk
Address: PO Box 104
Castorland, NY 13620
Phone: 315-376-3895
Fax: 315-376-7267


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